I’ve upgraded WordPress to version 2.9.2 successfully, and trimmed some posts that failed to amuse me. Well, let’s be honest: there were thirteen posts, and I nuked twelve of them, leaving only the original Declaration of Intent.

Fun will now commence.

Musings? Oh, There Will Be Musings…

As my first post, it is perhaps seemly that I announce my qualifications and intentions for this weblog. There is, after all, the (admittedly slim) chance that someone will eventually stumble across this site, probably from a combination of strong drink and mistyped search engine terms, and I feel I owe it them.


I have absolutely no qualifications. This in itself does not seem to be a great hindrance in the blogging realm. From what I can tell, as long as I have an opinion and rudimentary motor skills, I’m good to go.


I intend to publish my opinion on whatever subject interests or annoys me at any particular moment, which will in turn engender massive subscriber participation and discussion, culminating in lucrative advertising contracts that will allow me to collect obscene amounts of money without really working. (note: this may not in fact happen)

If you become offended by anything written here, your quickest and best solution is to immediately point your browser at another web address.

On the off chance that something written here actually gets noticed by someone and such notice threatens to blossom into a lawsuit of some kind, let it be known that it was meant in jest, as a parody, was in fact satire, and besides, I don’t have anything nice enough for you to go to the trouble of bothering a judge to take from me.